Happy Birthday QG!  We're 3!!!  When this is all over we'll have CAKE!!
Masked rehearsal at the beautiful outside space that Irina N built herself!  One of the positive things to have come out of our crazy 2020 year.  This was the first time that we got together since March and it was a lovely thing!  So happy to be back for a brief respite from the solitude!

"Macabre" was a great success and SO much fun!  Thanks to everyone who joined us!

Baba Yaga!

Here she is.  Isn't she lovely?

Happy Birthday to US!  QG has turned 2!
With some of our friends from our birthday party.  It was a great day!
With our favorite conductor! Jung-Ho stopped by our concert in Hyannis.  It is always a pleasure to play for him in any capacity! 
Here we are after a rehearsal with our good friend (and fabulous pianist) Irina Kotlyar.  
Post concert chill with our friend Pam at the Chatham Squire.  
Another with pianist Irina Kotlyar after our program of quintets at the Federated Church of Hyannis.  It was a great night despite the snow!  Thank you Irina 3!
In the studio with audio designer Nick Joyce.  Listening to Piazzolla and attempting a rather pathetic tango.  We will keep our day jobs...
It was a fantastic day!  We recorded some Borodin, Haydn, Glass, Piazzolla and Gardell.  Look for the tracks to be posted here soon!
This is what Irina F. thinks it must be like to get a neck lift...