During this unprecedented time I have tried to stay in touch with our friends and supporters through a series of video and audio projects.  While it does not compare to making music as a quartet, it certainly helps to keep us all connected right now.  Until we can meet in person again, I will use this tool to keep the joy of sharing music in our lives.  Please stay well and safe. We are all looking forward to seeing you as soon as possible.


Concert Hall

I am now posting all my videos on the YouTube channel.  It has everything from Beatles and sea shanties to Bach and Telemann.  You can get there from here....

Violin Shop

Bach Chaconne

Check out this newest video on the brand new YouTube channel!

The Chaconne by J.S Bach is an absolute masterpiece and a "must know" for music lovers.  However, it is a bit too long to be hosted by our website.  Out of necessity I created a YouTube channel, but I'm so glad to have gotten pushed in this new direction!  Click the button below to get there, and be sure to watch for more content coming soon!